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Ontario New Home
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Become a Member

When you join the Saugeen Home Builders Association you join a network of businesses and trades (See slideshow here) that will serve to enhance your business. Promotion and exposure of your business is increased as you become part of us. With our new advertisement campaign of the association on the radio, and in print, your business name will reach a wide scope of potential clients. Connected to our web site, and listed as a member, your site can be accessed by the growing number of educated consumers. As a new member, you will be featured on the front page of our web site with a link to your site or appropriate contact information. Opportunities for education in both administrative and communicative fields are available to you as well as business contacts through our monthly dinner meetings with other members. Social activities are also planned regularly for members and spouses that include golf, theatre, Christmas social, and bus trips. We offer the option of a full or associate membership. We look forward to hearing from you.

Saugeen Home Builders Membership Means

Education Opportunities:
  • Great guest speakers and educational displays at monthly meetings.
  • Special seminars on current items of interest.

    Networking Opportunities:
  • Meet fellow members over a drink and dinner at the monthly meetings
  • Mingle with members, guests and industry representatives at Special Events

    Promotional Opportunities:
  • Special promotions on CKNX radio
  • Listing on the www.saugeenhomebuilders.ca internet web page
  • Participation in the Home and Recreation Expo
  • Display new products at the monthly meetings

    Local Saugeen Association: This is a self help organization that works together to increase the professional talents of its members and to create consumer awareness of the organization and its members. When appropriate, funds are raised to assist with charitable causes. Prepare resolutions asking for changes at local provincial and national levels to government rules and regulations that impede or benefit the business operations of members.

    Ontario Association: It provides membership services and lobbies the provincial government for changes to taxes, codes, and regulations to the benefit of members.

    Canadian Association It lobbies the Federal Government on a continual basis for improvements to the tax rules and building standards impacting the housing industry. Research is undertaken in cooperation with Canada Mortgage and House and the National Research Council.

    Full Membership in Saugeen, OHBA, and CHBA
  • Cell phone rates as above and Bell Mobility
  • Discount business, home and auto insurance rates for members and employees plus discounts on group benefit plans from Mainway at 1-800-563-9382
  • Discounts on ESSO gasoline
  • Discounts on Office Supplies from __________________
  • Reduced admission to trade shows like the Builders and Renovation Forum
  • Provincial exposure through listing in the OHBA handbook

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